The 5 Best Polygel Base Coat Alternative 2021

Polygel Base Coat Alternative

What can enhance your beauty on your special day rather than perfect nails? Beautifully furnished nails can give you extra attention while cutting your anniversary cake along with boosting your confidence.

To make the nails beautiful, strong, and attractive women have been using Polygel. It makes nails more strength to survive. By using Polygel one can make her nails long and sharp according to her preferences.

But those who are not comfortable with Polygel and concern about the side-effects of using Polygel will remain silent about beautifying their nails?

There is no chance to do that because there are many polygel base coat alternatives in the market that can be used as alternatives to Polygel.

They are easy to apply, long-lasting, and safe from those ingredients which can harm your root nails as well as skin in case they are got in contact.

In this article, there are the top five alternatives described to provide you with desired results.

5 Best Polygel Base Coat Alternative in 2021

1. No Wipe Base and Top Coat Kit

It is one of the finest nail polish gels with no wipe benefit. Those who have problems using Polygel base coat can blindly trust this.

No ingredient can cause harm. It is healthy and safe to use. Those who want instant glow and shine can opt for this one. This no wipe base coat smells very low so who doesn’t like strong fragrance can use this.


  • It’s very easy to use following some steps and saves time;
  • It can be used perfectly to do manicures and pedicures;
  • It lasts up to two weeks without any kind of smudges;
  • It is perfect for gel nails, nail tips, artificial nails, and acrylic nails.
  • It is lighter to carry with no nicks, chips, and wipe.


  • It should be cured under a nail lamp.
  • It can cause a little irritation that has skin problems like an allergy.

2. Young Nails Stains Resistant Gel Top Coat

It’s another Polygel base coat alternative product that requires clean nails to be applied on. Only one or two coats are enough to protect your nails from chipping for a week.

It’s famous for its hard gel top coat resistance to stains. It is formulated to strengthen nails and at the same time, it locks looks.

By applying this stain-resistant gel topcoat on nails one can easily grab the attention of their colleagues.


  • It’s intensely pigmented nail polish gel;
  • It’s a superior adhesion product with no mess and low odor;
  • It’s very easy to apply and dries within 60 seconds.
  • It helps to prevent discoloration and provides hard manicure protection.


  • It is hard on nails as a base coat sometimes that might harm the root of nails.

3. Beetles 2 Pcs 15ml No Wipe Top Gel Coat

Beetles 2 Pcs is a toxin-free, low odor, and healthy top gel coat which is an amazing alternative to Polygel.

Whereas the Polygel can last hardly two weeks, beetles can last more than 21 days with perfect shine as day one. Also, those who want to avoid the strong odor of nail gels can certainly opt for these.

Its market position is in peak as it is among the top-selling brands. It grabs customers by prioritizing their desire features.


  • Its application is easier and more comfortable than Polygel base coats which consume a lower duration of time.
  • It shines perfectly like day one of the nail manicures; those who want the absolute same shine from day one to the day of nail polish removal could be a perfect choice.


  • It might cause an allergic reaction to those who have sensitive skin; other than this it is a great alternative to Polygel base coat.

4. Orly GelFX Builder in a bottle

It is an all-in-one bottle that one can have to have perfectly shiny nails. There is no mess of carrying separate bottles and brushes; one bottle is good to go for regular wear or a party.

It takes a very short time to apply and it is strong enough to last around 2 to 3 weeks with perfect shine. It is specially formulated for those who want a base coat alternative to get their desired nails.


  • The formula is very easy to control and apply which causes no mess.
  • Its crystal clear formula gives the ultimate perfect shine to the nails.
  • It can be applied to natural nails to enhance their ability to grow with particular brittle nails.
  • The flexible nature of builder gel is likely to cause less breakage of nails.


  • On thin nails, it might not work well and may not last up to the desired duration.

5. Gellen Gel Nail Polish Kit

It is a wipe-free nail painting kit that provides essential manicure tools to give you perfect nails. It contains an only environment-friendly and healthy ingredient that works effectively on sensitive skin.

It lasts up to 14 to 21 days with no chipping or cracking by proper application. This Alternative Polygel Base Coat is environmentally friendly and made with healthy ingredients.

Its non-toxic and low odor features have given it a good market position which helps it to seek customer’s attention.


  • It is a quick drier product; so it can be used when we are in hurry or have a short time for the nails.
  • It has different forms like shimmery, opaque, glossy, or matte finishes.
  • It is used to prep nails before gel manicure is done as well as to have an extra shine to nails afterward.


Frequently Asked Questions Alternative Polygel Base Coat

What can I use as a base coat for Polygel?

Plain white nail polish can be a better option using as a base coat for Polygel. The white color assists in popping up the real color of your nail polish. It creates a blank canvas for the nails so that you can paint them as your desire.

What is Polygel base coat?

Polygel base coat is a thick paste that is applied on the nails, can be shaped and sharpened as per your choice of the length of the nail you want. Those who have thin and fragile nails can go for a Polygel basecoat undoubtedly.
Isn’t it relaxing to have such wonderful Polygel base coat alternatives in the market according to your desire? By having these products you can style your nails copping up with your outfits. This article suggested some effective alternatives to enlighten and guide you with their uses, benefits, and problems.


This article might be helpful for you to choose the right Polygel base coat alternative for you that you desire from hundreds of choices. All you need to do is to choose the right alternative for you that is cruelty and toxin-free and best for your skin and nails as well.

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