Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off – 2 Main Factors

Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off

Polygel is a market-leading manicure process that can use to create an overlay on natural nails. Also, it raises a strong and light-weighted nail extension. Usually, polygel nails last for around 21 days depending on the proper application and maintenance. But why I can’t keep away my polygel nails from immature popping off?- it’s a common question for beginners. The simple answer to this question is that the problematic pop-off issue usually causes by the product operator, not by the polygel product itself.

As we know polygel is better than the customary gel polish and heavy acrylic nails. It poses more strength, durability, and is lightweight. Like acrylic, it will not become harder by air exposure and it also avoids any strong odor. So one can take time in sculpting nails and can make any gorgeous enhancement on nails by using this long stable polygel kit. Polygel nails have a lower risk of breakage and usually last for 3-4 weeks. Another good thing about ploygel is that it causes no damage to the natural nails as it applies properly.

If one can apply the super polygel nails in a correct way it lasts for a longer time and won’t easy to pop off. Two main factors cause polygel nails to lift off. These are- the improper use of slip solution and insufficient initial nail preparation,

Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off – 2 Reason Mainly

Improper Use of Slip Solution

The slip solution, made of alcohol used to attach the polygel nail in dual form and into the expected shape. It also helps in avoiding the polygel to adhere with the nail brush. Any strength reduction may occur with little interfere of slip solution between the polygel and basic coat bonding. which may result in premature nail lifting.

Moreover, after applying press it as it can settle firmly on nails. The slip solution needs to dry off completely after finishing the polygel shaping. The time required to dry off may vary from 1-4 minutes depending on the amount of slip solution one uses.

Excess slip solution must wipe away by a paper towel. Extra caution is necessary when pressing the nail with a brush to avoid any slip solution to drive down from the nail surface. One may use a UV LED nail lamp for 30 seconds as a remedy for it.

When placing in the dual form, make sure of starting from the cuticle base and then keep pressing it down towards the free edge. This is a fruitful technique to avoid the air bubble trapping inside the nail and polygel, thus it ensures a complete adhesion.

The latter step of shaping all nails is a manual process where these newly formed seals may weaken.

Insufficient Initial Nail Preparation

The operator must have efficient knowledge about this preparatory process. Otherwise, it may waste all the efforts and time. And finally losing interest in the product. The fundamental nail preparation procedure must need to follow before applying the polygel nails. These are-

  1. Remove any water, dust, or oily substance from the nail surface.
  2. Push back the cuticle and remove any kinds of dead cells.
  3. Buffering the top of the nail gently to remove shine.
  4. Apply nail dehydrator and pH Balance solution and dry off.
  5. Use the exact base coat received with the polygel nail kit.

Along with these two main facts too much bending is another one especially for beginners. It occurs during filing the new tips to Sculp into an expected shaped polygel nail. That may exert too much pressure and weaken the sealing between the nail and polygel. which results in uplifting the polygel nails before time. Too long polygel nail may responsible for more bending.

Performing daily household chores such as washing, typing, using a knife may damage polygel nails. Thus it can not survive the full month. To ignore this one must be a concern when performing daily household works.

If one wants to avoid polygel nail popping off it is better to appoint a nail technician for this job instead of doing it by herself at home. One can use only one hand for this work while the nail technician uses two hands for each nail every time. The outcome is forming a strong polygel nail with expected finishing and in the long run, it faces less risk of lifting off. But the truth is that when the nail technician uses polygel nails on their nails they do it by themselves. Don’t prefer their co-workers to do it for them. Because if they can do it in the right way without any helping hand it increases their confidence level. Thus they can think they are good enough in this job as anyone who can use it by one hand.

Don’t be disappointed if your polygel nails falling off if you are a beginner. It requires much time investment and continued practice to develop any nail skill. You just need to persist with your work which will make you a master in that field.


Polygel is a combination of those aspects of acrylic and hard gel expected by the nail techs. Thus polygel is a new dimension of nail manicure by eliminating the things that nail techs don’t like. One must be aware of some do and don’t before applying polygel. Anyone can decorate nails with the awesome polygel nail kit to have a gorgeous look. Only some adequate guidelines need to know and follow. Proper application of these steps can lead to flawless sculpting.

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